Earth Day – It Should be Every Day

April is always a busy month for anyone with a bit of green in them and this is the week for premier events. Celebration The fourth annual GreenFest and the 17th annual Festival of Communities are being combined this Saturday, April 20, 11:00 AM -6:00 PM on the UNLV campus. This is a major event […]

Save Some Dates, Save the Planet!

Green living is a broad topic and there are many ways to go about it. From my perspective the overall goal is to live lightly on the planet so as not to exceed the Earth’s ability to naturally sustain the entire diverse tapestry of life, not just us humans. Everything we do is an opportunity […]

Support the Labeling of GMOs in Nevada

Thanks to Pauline Van Betten for this information: Assembly bill 330 has been introduced to REQUIRE MANDATORY LABELING OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD IN NEVADA. The bill has a number but no action items are listed on the website. However, individuals sponsoring the bill have been told there will be a hearing this Friday. At this […]

Flow: An Award-Winning Documentary About Water

There will be a showing of the award-winning documentary film Flow at UNLV’s SEB Auditorium on Tuesday, March 19th at 7 PM. It will be followed by a panel discussion. I’ll be there and I hope you will as well. Water is fundamental to our lives, especially here in the Mojave Desert. Irena Salina’s award-winning […]

Green Real Estate in Nevada

Imagine you had some great products to sell. They were the best available in terms of value and longevity. They helped protect people’s health and improved their quality of life. They were so good that the people who actually found out about them agreed to buy as many as you could make for the price […]

Southern Nevada Solar Home Tour

October is my favorite month in Southern Nevada. The summer heat is waning and the cooler nights are delightful. It also happens to be National Energy Awareness Month. It sounds like the perfect time to visit and learn about solar homes, don’t you think? The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) agrees, and their annual National […]

A Time of Momentous Change

This is a time of momentous change, the kind of historically-significant, mind-altering transition that shapes the entire world far into the future. This week, it came to Las Vegas cleverly disguised as the National Clean Energy Summit 5.0: Power of Choice. Tuesday’s summit was indeed about the Power of Choice, and our choices are more […]

National Clean Energy Summit 5.0

Since the dawn of time the core of human existence has been fueled by fire. Human beings have always loved gathering around the hearth, whether a small fire in a cave 50,000 years ago or the latest induction stove in the kitchen. We started by burning wood, but more recently added coal, oil and natural […]

The Super Bowl of Solar

Competition. It’s as old as life itself. For many, the word brings to mind mega-events like the recent Super Bowl. As big as that mega-event is, there are other kinds of competition that carry much more weight in the big scheme of things. One such competition is the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. It’s not […]

Recycling for Freedom

I am so excited! Finally, after what seems like an eternity, my community (Sun City Anthem in Henderson) will have an opportunity to participate in a new program that really makes a difference. Every homeowner in our area will benefit and the results promise to be spectacular. It will make lives easier, improve the community […]