Support the Labeling of GMOs in Nevada

GMO Free in Nevada!Thanks to Pauline Van Betten for this information:

Assembly bill 330 has been introduced to REQUIRE MANDATORY LABELING OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD IN NEVADA. The bill has a number but no action items are listed on the website. However, individuals sponsoring the bill have been told there will be a hearing this Friday.

At this time we can show our support of this bill by contacting the Health and Human Services Committee members. Even if you only have a minute to write a brief email in support of the bill do it – it matters! Don’t postpone because you want to take the time to compose something special. There will be many opportunities to express your support.

Here is a list of the members of the Health and Human Services Committee. You can use this link to obtain their contact information and email or call them to express your support for Assembly Bill 330 proposing mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Food in Nevada.

  • Marilyn Dondero Loop – Chair
  • Ellen Spiegel – Vice Chair
  • Teresa Benitez-Thompson
  • Steven J. Brooks
  • Andy Eisen
  • Joseph M. Hogan
  • Andrew Martin
  • Peggy Pierce
  • Michael Sprinkle
  • Wesley Duncan
  • Michele Fiore
  • John Hambrick
  • Pat Hickey
  • James Oscarson

Follow the Bill

You can follow the status of the bill on the Nevada Legislature site: Read the Overview or the Full Text.

Lend Your Voice or Your Presence in Support!

Bills being heard by the Health and Human Services committee are heard in Carson City and via video-conference in Las Vegas. This means that people can testify on behalf of this bill in Las Vegas. It’s simple — show up at Room 4401 at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in advance of 1:30. If you plan on testifying you will need to sign in. See instructions below from the website.

“Please submit all documents in support of your testimony electronically to [email protected]. See the agenda for specific submission deadlines.”

Even if you aren’t planning on testifying your presence will be counted and added to the record. You can be present simply to show you support of AB330 proposing mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Food in Nevada.

Attend in Northern Nevada:

Room 3138 of the Legislative Building
401 S. Carson St.
Carson City, NV

Attend via video-conference in Southern Nevada:

Room 4401 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building
555 E. Washington Ave.
Las Vegas, NV