GreenDream Enterprises invites you to join us as we learn to live lighter on the planet. New posts are added to GreenDream.biz about every week or two (and we love it when readers share their ideas so please speak your mind).

We take a holistic approach to the task of creating a sustainable society, working in several areas simultaneously to create the desired outcome: Living well, within the means of our environmental budget. Using ideas that span the ages, from ancient wisdom to modern technology, we create ways of living that better integrate with, and contribute to healing, our environment.

  • Clean Energy

  • Green Building

  • Alternative Transportation

  • Lifestyle Choices

The Company

GreenDream Enterprises is currently focused on education and research. The company has provided consulting services to companies and individuals with a focus on integrating systems, technology and education to create positive results. Renewable energy, green building, alternative transportation and lifestyle choices – all of these topics are a part of the sustainability puzzle.


Steve Rypka is president of GreenDream Enterprises (which includes GreenDream.biz and GreenDreamWeb.com) and is dedicated to “Learning to live lighter on the planet.” He is passionate about all things green, including solar electric and hot water systems, high performance green buildings, hybrid & electric vehicles, green web design & hosting, and other ways that make a positive impact on the environment and community.

Originally from San Francisco, he has lived in the Las Vegas valley since 1978. As a surfer, scuba diver, skier, hiker, sailor and photographer, Steve has always been deeply aware of the fundamental connections we share with our environment. He has studied environmental issues for many years, including the climate crisis. He has focused on green building and renewable energy as key solutions to this critical issue.


Recognizing the need for more awareness about these topics, Steve was a co-founder of the U.S. Green Building Council – Nevada Chapter (USGBC-NV) and Solar NV, the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. He has served on the board of directors for both organizations and is past president of Solar NV, where he organized the first two Southern Nevada Solar Home Tours that are now an annual event.

Steve writes a Green Living column that appears bi-weekly in the Las Vegas Review Journal and has been recognized several times by the U.S. Green Building Council for his leadership in the community. He is a LEED accredited professional, has taught classes on green living and is an experienced public speaker.


Steve and his wife Marsala have directly reduced their personal carbon dioxide “footprint” by approximately 90%. They live and work in a net-zero electric, solar-powered home that produces enough extra energy to power an electric vehicle. They continue to strive to live lighter on the planet, both personally and professionally. Steve believes in the power of Gandhi’s words to, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

GreenDream Enterprises has been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council – Nevada Chapter and the American Solar Energy Society. We were also an early adopter of the 2030 Challenge. There are solutions to climate change that lead to a sustainable future and a healthy economy. Check them out!

5 kW PV array on a solar-powered home/office in Nevada.