Kitchens can be Greenest

Vegan clam chowder - out of this world!

What room is (or has the most potential to be) the greenest room in your home? It’s the kitchen - by a mile. You can drive a hybrid or even walk to work, take water-sipping showers, and put solar panels on the roof, but nothing can match the benefits of a green kitchen. It requires no special appliances, there is no cost and you can start right away. In fact, it is deceptively simple, incredibly ... Read More

Looking Back on 2010


As 2010 comes to a close, I thought it would be interesting to take a quick run back through the year’s Green Living column topics to reflect on what where we’ve been and perhaps get a glimpse of where we might be going. ... Read More

Solar Cooking: The New Barbeque

Sun oven steaming hot!

Renewable energy can be fun, easy, inexpensive - and good tasting. Yes, it’s all those things and more when you get into the joy of cooking using a sun oven. We’ve had our sun oven now for about five years and this summer we’ve been using it more than ever (they work during the winter too by the way). Who needs a hotter house, a bigger gas or electric bill, or food that has to be constantly ... Read More

Health: People and Planet

Every home should have a library. It doesn’t even have to be an entire room; just a special place to keep your books will do, or perhaps it’s simply a cozy spot to read your latest treasure from the public library. The point is to value the experience of reading good books. A library is potentially the greenest part of any home. The knowledge contained in books can profoundly transform lives ... Read More

Animal Oil? – No thanks.

I recently had an interesting email conversation with some friends about green solutions and the gray areas that often accompany them. First, a little background. One powerful, economical and healthy method I use to reduce my carbon footprint is a vegetarian diet. I like our meat-free home and the wonderfully diverse, delicious and delightful meals we cook in our kitchen! I’ve written before about ... Read More