Thoughts on Water Use in the Mojave Desert

Rape by greed. Dozing NV to steal water.

Recent malfunctions in our home’s irrigation system have wreaked havoc with my water efficiency efforts. The real problem wasn’t the leak, sometimes things happen and occasional maintenance is necessary. The issue was that the leak went undetected until weeks later when the water bill showed up. Water is a basic human right and is priced relatively low for a good reason: We need it to survive. ... Read More

Right Sized Homes

The Not So Big House

The choices we make about where and how we live have a tremendous impact on our environment, community and economic well-being. If we choose wisely, we can minimize the negative impacts while maximizing value. They go hand in hand. Well-designed, efficient spaces can be beautiful, functional and comfortably provide for our needs. Architect and “Not So Big House” author Sarah Susanka defined a ... Read More

Earth Day in Southern Nevada

Want to make sure that you don't miss out on any of the events that are being scheduled for Earth Day? The Southern Nevada Group of the Sierra Club (Toiyabe Chapter) has created a special website just for EarthDay - check it out at The site is aiming to list all the local events that will be happening around Southern Nevada to celebrate Earth Day. Events are being added every ... Read More

Thoughts on Water

Home has meant many things to many people over time. From natural caves to stone cottages, cliff dwellings to modern tracts, homes have provided shelter and comfort throughout the ages. Early human dwellings were located near the natural resources necessary to sustain life, especially water. This is still true in many parts of the world, but it’s also true that many civilizations have, over ... Read More

Godzilla Water Users

Remember the old Japanese monster flicks? Godzilla wreaked havoc on the city, stomping cars like they were ants. That monster had one serious footprint! We are the new Godzilla. Our footprints have been stomping the planet and it seems we’ve only recently looked back to realize the destruction. Can progress that leaves a trail of environmental ruin really be called progress? Can we reduce our ... Read More