Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map for Nevada

Solar panels provide shaded parking and EV charging at the Clark County Government Center.

Electric vehicles are hitting the road in ever-increasing numbers. Most are conveniently charged at home but when you're on the road and need a little juice, it's nice to know there is a growing network of public charging stations available around the valley. Here at GreenDream, we've been tooling around town on sunshine for over a year with a 100% electric Nissan Leaf that is charged with the ... Read More

Charging Ahead: Using Your Home to Fuel Your Car

Solar-powered for true Zero Emission driving.

It feels like I’ve reached a milestone in my life. I’ve long been concerned about environmental issues and years ago I realized that change starts with each of us; in other words it was up to me to embrace it. The process, shared with my wife and best friend Marsala, has involved a many-layered strategy of simple living, debt reduction, self-education and goal setting. It has taken some patience ... Read More