Green Real Estate in Nevada

High Performance Home Symposium in Las Vegas

Imagine you had some great products to sell. They were the best available in terms of value and longevity. They helped protect people’s health and improved their quality of life. They were so good that the people who actually found out about them agreed to buy as many as you could make for the price you were asking. Sounds like a great scenario right? Now add one little twist. The sales could ... Read More

EnergyFit Nevada Makes a Difference!

An EnergyFit home stands out.

My last column about the season of giving suggested that Green Living can be a wonderful way to express our appreciation to those we care about. Just after I wrote it, a friend sent a wonderful email providing a real world example of exactly what I had in mind. I’ll refer to this couple as Jenn and Rob. The excitement in Jenn’s email was obvious. She mentioned “a Merrier Christmas season” for ... Read More

Green Revolution and the Clean Energy Summit

National Clean Energy Summit 3.0

Think about this: We are living during an incredibly unique period in the ongoing history of humanity. How often did that same thought cross the minds of our ancestors? Did the first generation of farmers realize the profound impact the agricultural revolution would have on the formation of modern society? In the early years of the industrial revolution, did anyone have even an inkling of what ... Read More

HomeFree Nevada

We’ve all heard a lot about green jobs lately. But what exactly is a green job? When are they coming? Where can a person find one? A lot of people want to know how they can make a living while making a difference. While I believe that any job in any company can be “greened” with the right attitude and attention to detail, there are some that fall squarely in the green job category. They often ... Read More