Finding Our Way With Water

Lost when it comes to water.

Have you ever gotten really lost? I’m not talking about a wrong turn. Getting really lost usually requires some effort, like thinking you’re going the right way for so long that when you finally realize you made a mistake, it may be too late. It happens all too often, to people as well as cultures. When it comes to water, our culture has yet to realize its mistakes. We have managed to ... Read More

Solving the Water Crisis

Water from recent rain in Southern Nevada should have been harvested.

The aptly-named Black Mountains behind my home have been turned a beautiful shade of green by recent and relatively abundant rainfall. Even a brief rain event in Southern Nevada is welcome, but the last month or so has been exceptional and it has me thinking of potential opportunities. Each time I see water dripping off my roof or running down the gutter, I think of the lessons I’ve learned from ... Read More

House Like a Tree

Vertical farming

Hiking is one of my favorite activities since I love reconnecting with the natural world. Safety is always number one so I try to avoid paths that get too close to dangerous cliffs. Call it self-preservation. I’m also not a speed demon, preferring to savor the experience – noticing the details. Did you know that a ponderosa pine gives off a scent similar to butterscotch? You have to get real ... Read More