Electric Car Safety – The Real Story

Tesla Model S - The model of electric car safety

It's no secret that I'm a fan of electric vehicles, especially when they can be charged with solar energy. Like many, I've seen the recent news coverage about fires in electric vehicles, the Tesla Model S in particular. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk has responded on their company blog. The Real Story on Electric Car Safety I've never done this before, but Mr. Musk's response so impressed me that I'm ... Read More

Charging Ahead: Using Your Home to Fuel Your Car

Solar-powered for true Zero Emission driving.

It feels like I’ve reached a milestone in my life. I’ve long been concerned about environmental issues and years ago I realized that change starts with each of us; in other words it was up to me to embrace it. The process, shared with my wife and best friend Marsala, has involved a many-layered strategy of simple living, debt reduction, self-education and goal setting. It has taken some patience ... Read More